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A residential design project, whether new construction or remodeling, presents clients with the opportunity to personalize their environment. Services can begin with an initial site analysis, prior to purchasing property. Then through the design process each site is carefully studied to factor in various geophysical and climatic aspects, besides more obvious items like view potential, project context, and site access. The next step is to refine the building program to suit your desires, and develop a concept.


Sustainable building concepts and energy efficiency are considered with every project, and are integrated seamlessly with design objectives. My construction experience helps with communication with the builder. I can help you prioritize the building program with your budget for a maximum return with your investment.


We live in an area with a high level of diffuse natural light. Historically, our temperate climate has allowed for larger windows to let in more of that light. Now with modern glazing technologies there are a number of options for day-lighting the project. Special attention can also be given to incorporating affordable approaches to sound mitigation, creating quiet places within the home. 


Fellow architects may ask each other during a design critique, ‘Does the project sing?’ trying to capture the subliminal expression of a successful design. This can be quite independent of architectural style. It is this almost musical quality I strive to achieve with each project. To be successful with this endeavor requires the design to work as a whole on several levels. 


The design process is a thoughtful, well-documented, fun experience to share with the homeowner.  I typically meet with clients at their location.

– Paul Hedrick

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I landed in Seattle to practice architecture, after working with architects in Minnesota, California, and Connecticut. Related experience includes urban design, framing and finish carpentry, and custom furniture design and production. 



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